Step #01 - Choose the service or project

Ensure you thoroughly review the freelancer’s or buyer’s offer/requirements.

  • Read carefully what Freelancer or Buyer Requests and Requires, 
    Offers or Needs
  • Check Pricing and Timing
  • Check ratings that Freelancer or Buyer has
  • Contact with them before making or accepting order​

Step # - 02 Ensure Clarity and Security

Make sure that everything is clarified with the service provider (freelancer) or buyer. If there is any dispute we will decide based on what you agreed. Including chat conversations.

  • Buyers – Do not confirm that wrok is done until you make that sure
  • Sellers – Do not start the work until buyer deposits money
  • Sellers – In case of design or multimedia, add watermark to them untill work is approved
  • Do not make direct payment to other party wallet. If you are asked so, report the other party
  • Do not share your contact information wallet info or other financial data

Step #03 - Provide Feedback

Help others find the best working partners by sharing your honest review. Your feedback is invaluable in guiding fellow users to reliable collaborators.