We are:

Bridging the Gap in the Crypto World

Seeing how the crypto world has become a paradise for scammers, where trust is eroded and honest traders face nightmares in transactions, we created Bigredconnect to restore confidence and security.

Bigredconnect is a marketplace designed for freelancers who want to receive payments in crypto and for buyers who prefer to pay in crypto.

Say goodbye to the worry of not receiving the services you paid for or not getting paid for the work you’ve done. Think of us as an escrow platform for crypto transactions.

Our mission is to ensure this platform remains a secure and enjoyable place to work and receive the services you deserve.

What is Bigredconnect?

Bigredconnect transcends being merely a marketplace; it’s a dynamic platform that:

  • Connects Freelancers and Buyers: Whether you’re a freelancer keen on receiving payments in crypto or a buyer eager to pay with crypto, we cater to your needs seamlessly.

  • Builds Trust: Through our stringent vetting process and robust security measures, Bigredconnect fosters a trustworthy environment, ensuring a rewarding experience for both freelancers and buyers.

  • Ensures Safe Transactions: Our escrow service eliminates the worry of potential non-receipt of services paid for or hard-earned money, providing peace of mind in every transaction.

Why Choose Bigredconnect?

A Unique Offering

In a sea of freelancer marketplaces and escrow services, Bigredconnect stands out as a trailblazer, offering something truly distinct:

  • Crypto-Focused: Specializing in cryptocurrency transactions, we ensure seamless, secure, and swift payments in your preferred digital currency.

  • End-to-End Security: Our cutting-edge escrow service acts as a trusted intermediary, safeguarding funds until both parties are fully satisfied.

  • Transparency and Integrity: Operating on principles of honesty, transparency, and a steadfast commitment to ethical practices.

  • Community-Centric: We intimately understand the crypto community’s nuances and tailor our services to meet its unique needs and preferences.

Why we’re different from others

Because we offer what others don’t

There are many Freelancer Marketplaces and Escrow services. But yet, we are the first and only when it comes to the crypto world.


  • Payments are processed automatically in crypto
  • Lowest fees on the market
  • Dispute system in order to keep you safe from scammers
  • Minimum withdrawal as low as 10 USD
  • 24H Lightening fast support